How To Reset Your Apple ID Password for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices

Apple devices are plentiful. Apple products are utilized in business environments and private lives alike. They are a staple of many consumers’ lives, and rightly so. These pieces of technology do everything.

We are now on the iPhone X, or the iPhone 10, a clear indicator of the popularity these devices have found among the general populace. Apple devices are plentiful and are utilized in business environments and private lives alike. They are a staple of many consumers’ lives, and rightly so. These pieces of technology do everything. They connect consumers to families and friends, allowing them to either chat on the phone or enjoy FaceTime, Apple’s own video chatting from any device. Consumers enjoy access to a huge variety of applications with the Apple App Store being populated with a great selection of applications that can do pretty much anything. Applications are available here for everything from GPS navigation to gaming to tracking health and more. If you can think of it, there’s probably an app for it. Plus, these devices let their owners search the internet, and depending upon the device, have access to all the web has to offer from a car, remote office, or anywhere else that might be necessary. These devices have replaced the need for countless other inventions due to the sheer versatility and adaptability they possess. It is absolutely clear why these devices need to function at full capacity at all times or compromise the lifestyle or business habits of their owners.

Time to Reset

You’ve been there. You don’t remember your password. You try and try to come up with it to no avail, and you can’t remember why on earth you didn’t just write it down, to begin with. We have all been there, don’t worry. Maybe your Apple ID password has been compromised. Someone may have tried to hack it (which is unlikely because Apple is extremely secure) or maybe you shared your password with a friend or family member and now you wish you hadn’t made that choice. Whatever your reasoning might be, resetting your password on Apple devices is simple and can be replicated whenever necessary to create this security change. Apple likes to make life easy and streamlined for their customers, so device owners can reset their password from any device they own, making it convenient and easy to fix this issue with whatever tech is closest. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this task. Let’s take a look at ways to reset from each Apple product.

Resetting on Any Device via the Apple ID Website

Step 1: Type into the URL bar (which is the white bar at the top of the Safari internet browser that contains the address of the site you are currently on, like or or simply search “Apple ID” with any browser. Click on the first link which should say “My Apple ID.”

Step 2: There should be a page with a picture that takes up most of it with the words “Apple ID” in big white print in the middle. Underneath where it says “Manage your Apple account,” type your email address associated with the account into the white bar that appears in the middle of the screen. The little box should turn yellow. Press enter or hit the light gray arrow with the circle around it to the right.

Step 3: A second box will appear underneath your email address. Type in a password that you think yours might be if you forgot. It will appear as a series of dots for your protection. Otherwise, just type in some random letters to prompt the next step. Press enter again or hit the arrow to the right.

Step 4: Underneath this area, there will be an alert in dark yellow that states that the password is incorrect, and there will also be the words “Forgot password?” in black letters with an underline. Click on this.

 Step 5: This will bring you to another window that says “Having trouble signing in?” This is where you will input your email address into the white rectangular box to the left. Click the blue “Continue” button underneath. You might then do a security check to ensure that you are a human and not a computer.

 Step 6: The next page will say “Select what information you want to reset” so it will ask you to select if you’d like to reset your password or your security questions. You will select the first option which will place a little blue dot beside it to the left in a white circle. Click “Continue” which appears in white lettering and a blue box.

Step 7: The window that comes next will say “Select how you want to reset your password.” It will ask you if you’d like to receive an email to reset the password or if you’d like to do so by inputting the answers to your security questions. Select the option you’d like by clicking in the white circle to the left of the option which then turns blue. Click “Continue” which again, appears in white lettering in a blue box.

Step 8: Wait until you receive the email, and then follow the link to input your new password. If you selected to answer your security questions, simply do so on the next page and then go ahead and select a new password.

 Step 9: Try to select a password that is secure. Some helpful tips might include using capital letters, lower letters, a symbol, or phrases. It is always wise not to use simplistic passwords. Apple has an extremely safe software, these tips are simply the standard for password creating.

Resetting on Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, & iMac

Step 1: Open your settings by going to your Systems Applications box within your computer. If you aren’t sure what it looks like, look for the silver square with the wheel inside. It can be located normally at the bottom of the desktop in the light gray menu bar that appears with all of your other applications.

Step 2: Go to the iCloud application within your settings. It might be on the left side of the box, about three down. It will look like a white box with a blue cloud inside and say “iCloud” underneath.

Step 3: Go to the left side of that window where it will say “Account Details.” This is usually under your name and the place for a photo. The “Account Details” button will turn from gray to blue when you click on it.

 Step 4: A little box will come down from the top of the window you are currently in and it will prompt you to input your password in the white box outlined in blue. To the right of this box, you will see blue words that state, “Forgot Password?” Click this option.

Step 5: You will then input your email address if it is not automatically input. Go ahead and click on the blue “Continue” box to the right of the window.

Step 6: You will be asked to “Select how you want to reset your password.”  You may choose if you’d like to receive an email to reset your password or if you’d like to reset it with your security questions. Choose the option you’d like by clicking on the white circle to the left of that option and turning it blue.

Step 7: Receive the email and then click on the link to reset your password. If you selected security questions, simply answer them and then reset your password following.

Step 9: Try to select a password that is secure. Some helpful tips might include using capital letters, lower letters, a symbol, or phrases. It is always wise not to use simplistic passwords. Apple has an extremely safe software, these tips are simply the standard for password creating.

Reset on Apple iPad & iPhone

Step 1: Go to your settings application which will be a silver box with a wheel inside. It can be anywhere on your iPhone or iPad because applications on these devices are movable to customize for owner’s preferences. Find yours at your convenience.

 Step 2: Click on the topmost option which should be a circle with your initials within it and your name written beside it.

Step 3: Click on “Password & Security.”

Step 4: You will be prompted to “Sign In to iCloud.” Type in what you think your password might be if you forgot. If you are trying to reset it due to it being compromised, type in anything to move on to the next step. You may need to do this a few times to be prompted to do the next step.

Step 5: A box will pop up that says “Forgot Password?” Click on “Reset Password” in blue underneath.

Step 6: Your Apple ID will most likely be already input, however, if it is not, go ahead and input your Apple ID email address.

 Step 7: You will be prompted to “Reset by Email” or to “Answer Security Questions.” Select either option. If you select email, you will simply receive an email with a link to click on to reset your email. If you want to answer your security questions, simply select that option instead and answer the questions as prompted to reset your password.

Step 9: Try to select a password that is secure. Some helpful tips might include using capital letters, lower letters, a symbol, or phrases. It is always wise not to use simplistic passwords. Apple has an extremely safe software, these tips are simply the standard for password creating.

Reset Complete

Being locked out of your device, or worse, your entire line of Apple devices since all run on the same account can be a serious problem. We rely so heavily on these pieces of technology that we simply cannot be disconnected for any length of time. Fortunately, this is a problem you can almost always fix yourself. You usually don’t need to involve any customer service or anything of the sort because Apple has made sure that you can get back into your account from all devices with a screen essentially. Resetting your password can be done in a variety of different ways. From any device, at any time, you can reset your password with a series of steps. With either an email address or the series of security questions you have preset, you always have a key to get back into your account.

Why Apple Makes Sense

Apple is a huge player in the technological game, and one can anticipate this company being around for a very long time to come. And it is very easy to see why. Apple runs very high-quality software with the top of the line products that continue to please consumers and will for years to come. Customers often find that they have everything wrapped up in this company. They watch and own movies and television shows within the software Apple offers. They use the music streaming service which grants access to countless songs for a low flat fee per month. Customers take their Macbooks to work, storing massive amounts of important information within them, comfortable in the quality of the equipment to perform for them at standards they need. Then, clients can back all of their information up to iCloud, a feature we have discussed in this article in terms of its usefulness in resetting your password, but it is worth so much more than just that. Apple users can trust all of their information on their devices, if they set it up that is, to back up to the cloud and save all important data and photographs. If a device falls, fails, or breaks in some other way, users can be certain that all of their information is safe within Apple’s secure servers. This way, when you need a new iPhone or iPad, you can simply go to the store and purchase one and then set it up to the last backup of the device. Gone are the days when you need to worry about losing everything of value just because just because you dropped your phone getting into the taxi or perhaps even left it on the back seat. If you did leave in that cab, it’s okay also because you can track it using Find My iPhone from any other device you own. You can also erase it if necessary, that way you know that no one is able to get into your device just in case the next cab occupant decided to take this great iPhone they found with them for their own use. This program provides a huge relief for owners because life happens, and that doesn’t mean that it should come to a screeching halt just because stuff doesn’t always go your way. Apple gets that, which is a very forward-thinking attitude for a world and individual lives that are not perfect, nor do they need to be. Our technology needs to take care of us, and this is an excellent example of it doing so. If it doesn’t improve our lives, what’s the point after all? Fortunately, Apple devices certainly do, hands down improve said lives.

In Conclusion

Apple offers such a wide array of device options that people can find what they need with an array of budgets. High school students, graduate students, business people, artists, and people in every walk of life can customize a device option to fit their needs more than adequately. These devices can be tools of learning for all ages, pieces of technology that enrich and streamline life, leaving more time for important endeavors like spending time with loved ones. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly physical and software designs of their products, Apple customers can enjoy straightforward steps to complete important tasks with their technology, especially when those tasks are extremely important for normal life to keep moving forward and even if those tasks aren’t the most fun.