How To Create a Basic Website for Any Business/Blog – Discover Best Website Builders, Costs and More

Years ago, one had to have a specialized degree and extensive knowledge to even think about attempting to build a website. The coding and design involved are beyond the skill of most consumers. Software engineering used to be required with an understanding and working knowledge of different actual digital “languages” allowing people to code new designs.

Web designers are the artists of the digital canvas, and they would need to be involved to create the masterpieces of website compilation visible to the public on the world wide web. However, with new advances in software, consumers are more capable than ever in creating their online profile of either their business or their personal site. As such, they have huge hands-on abilities in deciding how their business or personal site is presented to the world. With the do-it-yourself capabilities provided by such companies as Wix, SiteBuilder, WordPress, and Squarespace, consumers can decide what website builder platform is best for them and then create a work of art that promotes their cause in the best way possible from the comfort of their couch.

What Exactly Do You Want To Build?

Do you want to build a personal or business site? Do you want it to be very customizable or do you want to have a mostly ready-made template which you can then input information into? Creating an idea of what image you are looking for is a key aspect of deciding upon the proper website builder and design within. The target audience has to be considered as a top priority when choosing templates and designing the contents. The breadth of information, as well as site purpose, is also important as it will help determine what category of a site to select.

E-commerce Sites Need Planning

A commerce site is obviously going to be very different than a site representing a professional like a lawyer or photographer. Sometimes, it can be wise to draw out the pages you think your site will need. You might have a template design in your mind or a color scheme, some idea of exactly how you want to convey information and photos to meet your needs. Your ideas might flow easier than you thought with a little time to discover what it is that you are looking for. This way, when you are faced with a huge variety of gorgeous templates and imagery, you will be able to see more clearly what you really want for your site and find the one that matches closest. However, it also provides a way for you to see methods to improve your ideas with the well made and creatively designed templates available from any of the following companies.

  • Wix
  • SiteBuilder
  • WordPress
  • Godaddy Site Builder
  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Jimdo
  • Bigcommerce
  • Squarespace

Going into the project with a clear mind of ideas that can then be improved with additional information is the best way to start. Fortunately, templates are available to purchase and use with ease no matter what your goal might be. With social media and various forms of advertising, getting a site out there is easier than ever. Consumers no longer have to wait for sites to be found organically through time, but instead, can utilize such companies as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Adwords, and so much more to promote their site to the masses, garnering hundreds and thousands of views within days depending upon the budget and settings.

Balancing Search Engine Optimization

Finding the right combination of search engine optimization practices with a stellar site can mean the liftoff of a new business or individual into the realm of worldwide, nationwide, or local success, familiarity, or even fame. Depending upon the entity the for which the site was created, of course, the sky really is the limit in this do-it-yourself world we currently have the privilege of living in. With hundreds of options of template designs, it is almost impossible not to design a site of which you are proud to share with the world in every possible way.

Where to Begin, Domains, Hosting, Design Work and Code?

In the process of creating a website, a domain name is often the first step. This is the URL address that is the internet location of your site, much like a physical address of a home or business. Most of the time, it is best to simply use the name of the business or individual as the domain. However, as domain names are world-wide, sometimes that address is taken. It can take some guesswork to find the best available domain name for the entity, which can be done by simply continuing to input different domains into the site you are purchasing it from to determine what exactly is available for use. Each of the above-listed companies offers domain purchasing services, so consumers can do it all in one place.

Finding the Right Name, That isn’t Already Taken!

The extent of the domain purchasing process is usually just finding the desired domain name and then adding it to a shopping cart to complete the purchase. These companies make it very easy to get your domain name and assign it to your website for immediate use. There isn’t much downtime in the website game. Domain purchases are usually like subscriptions, so consumers will purchase the domain name for a year or a number of years, whatever the buyer prefers. During that time, the domain belongs to the individual and is the address where the site can be found. Private or public domain registration is usually available. Private registration hides the domain owner’s information from the public. In some cases, the domain broker will list their own address in place of the actual owner’s address, thus keeping the individual’s name and contact information a secret. For people who desire privacy, this is definitely worth the little extra money. Public domain registration lists the owner’s information. Private can be a little more secure and is usually available for a small additional fee.

Let’s Start with Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform for website building. Potential website builders can simply go to, click on “Create A Site,” and then choose a template for the beginning of their site design. There is a huge variety available, so individuals can decide on a design that best suits their needs and wants. Users can choose from elegant or fun, colorful or simple. The creative process of designing a website is really a great deal of fun. Once a design is selected, the individual can simply create an account for free with Squarespace on the next screen. The user can then decide upon information to input into the site with simple execution. These sites try to make this experience very user-friendly while offering the most flexibility and customization as possible. Pricing for a personal website on Squarespace is very fair at twelve dollars per month if a yearly plan is purchased or sixteen dollars per month without a yearly plan. Pricing for business websites is eighteen dollars per month with a yearly plan whereas it is twenty-six dollars per month without a yearly plan. It might be wise to buy a yearly plan as the savings can add up over time, and honestly, most websites will be around for more than a year anyway. Free Website Builder

Wix is another website builder that is easy to use and an excellent choice for all consumers. Individuals can simply go to where they can create an account for free as the first step. This is usually easy and requires minimal information from the account creator. Then, the new website designer must decide what kind of site for which they are looking. Individuals can choose from general business to restaurants to accommodations and more. This can give a great starting step to include the type of business as the kick-off point for the website template decision. Individuals can start with whatever they think is best for them and/or their business. The next step is to decide upon the template, and there are a huge variety of options to accommodate whatever image the designer is trying to convey. Users can then choose the desired template and go on to customize with information and photography. Pricing for premium plans includes a huge range. The lowest plan is just five dollars per month, mid-range plans go for fourteen to seventeen dollars a month, and the top of the line plan goes for twenty-five dollars per month. This range is very comprehensive and offers something for everyone. It is best to think about the longevity of the site as well as the purpose before determining a plan and then make a decision about which one reflects the needs of the site and the user most appropriately.

Yahoo SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is a simple platform to use as well. By going to, one can simply choose to start the process with the easy to find a button on the homepage. Then, individuals can choose the price package they would like. There are then hundreds of templates available that can be customized for a consumer’s or business’ purpose with the proper information. Any brand image can be conveyed with the abundance of options available, and the creativity of the user can go wild. Pricing for SiteBuilder is fair as well. The Pro plan costs just seven dollars and sixty-eight cents per month, Premium costs eleven dollars and ninety-eight cents, and E-commerce is eighteen dollars and forty-five cents with regular pricing. Additional discounts are available if extended plans are purchased. There is also a free plan for those just getting into the website game or those who have minimal needs. This range permits all consumers to find the right plan for their needs and be satisfied with what they are offered.

WordPress is saved for last because it is just slightly more complex, which is perfect for those with slightly more experience or expertise. This platform is highly customizable and very well known within certain fields. The first thing one has to do is create a free account with WordPress. Then, “Create Site,” can be clicked by leading to the next steps. Consumers put in some basic information about their site which then leads to the next screen where a domain can be input. Then, templates are available to customize. Customization is slightly more complex but can lead to a greatly personalized site. Pricing for WordPress is straightforward as well. The pricing starts at free, which is fantastic for individuals who do not necessarily need all the bells and whistles of a paid plan. Personal plans are four dollars per month, professional plans are eight dollars per month, and business plans are twenty-five dollars per month.

Which One Is For You?

Pricing and means of usability differ greatly with each of these sites. One might make more sense for you based upon your comfort level with the way that particular site operates. You may know someone who has worked with one over the other and as such, you might want to go with the word of mouth approach. Perhaps you have tried a few others and haven’t yet given one of these a try. Whatever the case, finding the builder that is best for you is the ultimate goal as you will be using it more frequently than you might think. No business is static as there are always changes whether it be to the sales, events, menu, specials, pricing, employees, and more. For a personal site, individual accomplishments change over time, resumes improve or are altered, and a huge variety of things can require alteration throughout the life of that website. There are always things that will need to be tweaked, new pictures that should be added and old ones that should be removed. A static site is a boring site, so it is always a good idea to give site visitors a reason to visit and see what’s new. Ideally, changes will occur periodically and deliberately, which will require you to use this builder routinely. So it should be easy, comfortable, and time-saving in order to be the right builder for you in the long term.

Starting With User-Friendly Platforms

Each of these website builders is relatively easy to learn. Simple drag and drop, picture selection, text input, and more are done on the platforms. Getting comfortable with a consumer’s choice is the key to this process. It is all about getting used to the software and making it work for your purposes. Learning new things is definitely intimidating, but it is so worth it when the result is something of which you can be proud. With some practice, it is very simple to design and publish the type of site that will be exactly what an individual or business needs to further its image and increase the chances of meeting and exceeding goals.

Building from Scratch, Time for Code 🙂

Paying for website builds is still a very viable option, and some of the best sites out there are made that way. More complex elements including Java or highly complex coded designs will still be done at the hands of experienced software engineers and website designers who are paid for extremely hard and skilled work. Complex online shopping stores, sites that receive enormous traffic, sites that handle very delicate and personal information, and more are sometimes best left to these highly skilled individuals who create personalized coding for the business or individual. However, incredible, well-designed sites are made every day with the above website builders. These sites often look like someone paid a professional to create them, and consumers can get a huge return for little money and time investment. Plus, the companies who provide them are aware of the complexity of website design and coding and thus make their own sites an easy walk through of steps to get from point A to point B. By simply visiting any of the above sites, one can have a quality, well-made website designed in absolutely no time.